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Corn Wheat Materials Dry Puffed Dog Kibbles Snacks Cat Food Fish Feed Manufacturing Equipment

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Pet food making machine or animal material intended for consumption by dogs or other canines.The pet food is close to the human beings food in the fine level,the heath index and the nutritional ingredients,some of them request more highly than human beings.

 Pet food processing machine for adult dogs is plant or animal material intended for consumption by fish or other canines. In extruder, the ingredients are cooked under intense heat and pressure as it moves toward the open end of the extruder where ingredients pass through a shaping die and knife.

1. New Type Direct Transmit System, more power (no belt, between gear box with motor), reducing energy consumption;
2. Full automatic heating system and cooling system;
3. PLC touch screen control system.

1. Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
2. Provide basic production techniques and formulas;
3. 1 year complete warranty for Pet Food Machine.

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